Encore | Brad Paisley

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Country + Comedy
I learned from an early age there were certain things that would make people laugh. I started really working on this unknowingly when I was a kid, and learning to entertain. So ever since day one of my career, I have incorporated songs that have humor in them, in a big way, in my music. They’re not just tongue-in-cheek—they make you laugh.

Bluegrass + Timbaland?
That’s Timbaland beating on the banjo base with his hands and hootin’ and hollerin’ in the background (in the tune “Grey Goose Chase” on Paisley’s 2017 album Love and War). When you see “produced by Timbaland,” that’s not what you thought you’d hear—and I love that.

An eponymous axe—with some bling
When Fender approached me about doing a signature model (the Brad Paisley Road Worn Telecaster), I was drawn by their willingness to make something that was obtainable. I didn’t have any interest in starting out with some $10,000 guitar, because really, we’re talking about a cutting board with electronics and I didn’t want to make something that was untouchable for anybody. As for the sparkly design, with a name like Paisley, I was never going to be subtle.

February 24, Allstate Arena
Tickets $29–$219+ | ticketmaster.com