Encore | Tim Allen

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Favorite vacation spot
I vacation with my family every summer in upper Michigan, on the west side of the state in a small little town. My mom is from Michigan, which is why I became involved with the Pure Michigan campaign. It’s become very successful, and an unintended consequence is that it’s now packed with tourists.

Recent charity event
Gary Sinise pressed me to do this private gig in LA for his foundation, and it’s the first time I performed for him—Gary just won’t give up. You have to work pretty hard to get laughs from that environment, but it turned out great—I got Mel Gibson and Clint Eastwood laughing really hard.

Latest car collection addition
The latest acquisition is a Dodge Demon, which is really an 840-hp purposeless automobile primarily used for drag racing. I’m also finishing up a 1934 Ford Vicky, which is a hot rod I’m building with Bodie Stroud. I’m going to film the process; I find it fascinating. My older daughter went to film school and I might have her help me.