Encore | Vadym Kholodenko

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Thanks, mom
The main idea of bringing me to classical music belonged to my mother. It is thanks to her efforts that I started playing, and I am endlessly grateful to her for this.

Critical acclaim at a young age
Having healthy ambitions never hurts. That being said, a musician himself is the most austere judge and critic of his own performance. In the end, I am the most grateful to those who attend my concerts—this is the main criteria of my personal success.

Pleasures in every format
Each of the genres or settings I play in—be it solo, duo, orchestra, or small group ensemble—is very particular and has its own unique features, and I enjoy playing in all of them. But dramatic theater is my passion and I’m very much a fan of one-actor plays, so recitals might be the most natural way for me to express myself.

October 12 at Edman Memorial Chapel, Wheaton College
401 East Franklin Avenue, Wheaton
Tickets: $40–$45 | wheaton.edu/performances