Grab Your Partner

Appears in the February 2018 issue.

They say couples who sweat together, stay together—and for good reason. Ninety-four percent of couples stick with their fitness programs when they work out together. So grab a weighted exercise ball and heat up your Valentine’s Day with these exercises.

Trainers Chris Cichy and Jenny Hoch

Optimal Health Medical Fitness
424 Fort Hill Drive, Suite 123, Naperville

Certifications Both trainers have a BS in fitness and health promotion from Aurora University

Fitness philosophy
Through functional fitness and nutrition, Optimal Health guides individuals toward healthy lifestyle changes to reverse disease and degeneration. Personal training instructors offer one-on-one services tailored specifically for a person’s body composition and goals.

Partner training circuit
The goal This workout engages the entire body. The first exercise activates your core while the second exercise engages the legs, arms and core. The third engages the quads and glutes and the rotation with the ball challenges the obliques. Alternating between the three exercises brings the heart rate up and down in intervals, which is the best method for weight loss.

The plan Perform each exercise for one minute, alternating between the three until the circuit has been completed four times. Squeeze the core throughout to keep it activated.

Lying Ball Exchange
Begin by lying on your back with your legs at a 90-degree angle, lying head-to-head a few inches apart. Hold the ball over the knees, then bring the ball over the chest to overhead and give the ball to your partner. The partner takes the ball and moves it from overhead to over chest, then over knees.

Squat Hold Ball Toss
Standing a few feet apart while you are facing each other. Squat with your knees at a 90-degree angle, putting weight on your heels. Holding the squat pose, throw the ball back and forth between partners, squeezing the core tight in order to keep your balance while throwing.

Wall Sit with Russian Twist
Sit with your back against a wall, as if you are sitting in a chair. Make sure your hips and knees are at a 90-degree angle and the back is flat against the wall. Use your obliques (sides) to rotate the ball to your partner. Make sure you squeeze your core tight throughout the whole exercise.