How Much Is That Doggie Treat in the Window?

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Find goodies and toys for your furry pals at these locally owned pet supply stores

Fox, Bruce, and DiRe (center) with employees Kiandra Powell and Jessica Vincent
Fox, Bruce, and DiRe (center) with employees Kiandra Powell and Jessica Vincent

Pug & Hound Pet Apothecary


Navigating the myriad health issues of her beloved pug, Bruce, inspired Krysta Fox to learn more about natural-health solutions for pets—and make a career change to become a veterinary technician. Then, four years ago, she and husband Jeff DiRe decided to open this shop in downtown Geneva. “We’re like a Fruitful Yield for animals,” Fox says. “We focus on fresh food, healthy treats, and herbal and homeopathic supplements.” They also sell a small, handpicked selection of toys for dogs and cats. 308 State St.,

Good to know: The shop is hosting an all-day educational event called Naturally Healthy Pets Experience with holistic veterinarian Judy Morgan and speakers August 7 at Revelry 675 in Batavia.


Happy Dog Barkery

Happy Dog Barkery


Beth Staley left her job as a corporate IT professional in 2004 to open this pup-centric bakery and boutique. “I was fostering a dog that had really bad allergies and I had to find treats that were safe for him to eat,” she says. “I just started baking dog treats, and it all kind of snowballed really quickly from there.” The shop sells custom-made birthday cakes, stews in rotating flavors, and an array of treats, bones, chews, and toys. “Our No. 1 treat is our liver cake, and it’s not appealing at all to humans, but the dogs go crazy for it,” Staley says. Fluff and Tuff plush dog toys are also a customer favorite. “They’re a cute line, but they’re also durable. People come in and collect these toys in particular because they’re so well made and so fun.” 5118 Main St.,

Good to know: Check the store’s website for summer meet-and-greet events, where local rescue organizations bring in dogs available for adoption and share info about volunteer opportunities.


Two Bostons

Two Bostons


When AdreAnne and Andy Tesene adopted their first two Boston terriers, Roscoe and Daisy, they felt out of their element with behavior and health challenges. “So, we began doing research and obsessing about how to provide pet parents a place where they could come in for fun and education,” AdreAnne says. “Our mission is to help confused pet parents turn confident about the decisions they are making for their pets.” The opened their first store in downtown Naperville in 2005 and have since added locations in Geneva, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Burr Ridge, and two others in Naperville—the newest of which opened in May in Market Meadows shopping center at 75th Street and Naper Boulevard. The stores stock a variety of goodies for dogs and cats, including food, toys, leashes, beds, clothing, and grooming products.

Good to know: “Our Puppy Kisses are our customers’ No.1 favorite treat we have,” AdreAnne says. “You can get them in peanut butter, yogurt, or a combination, and we have special-edition seasonal varieties as well.”


Photos: Kayla Seger Photography (Pug & Hound); Happy Dog Barkery; Two Bostons