Jim Brickman

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Keeping the tradition alive
We’ve been coming to the area for so many years—people really look forward to it, and I look forward to it. There’s nothing like getting together to celebrate the holidays, even if this year it has to be virtual.

A little light in a dark year
To me it’s about making uplifting music. Especially this year, I think the tone of what I’m going to do has a very happy spirit. Of course, Christmas is a very emotional time as well, but for me the happiness and the cheer and the joy of Christmas is a very important message to bring this year.

A new perspective
I think this is a really clever way to still be able to see the audience and have them see me, because we’re doing some Zoom performances as part of this whole experience. So I’ll actually be able to see people in their homes, which gives me a window into their holiday decorations and what they’re wearing and how they’re spending their Christmas. A lot of times on a concert tour I just see darkness when I look out into the audience. There’s a close-up aspect to these performances—you get to see my hands on the piano and we get to interact a little bit. It’s just a very different kind of feeling that I hope is going to be really special and memorable for everybody.

Comfort & Joy at Home benefiting North Central College Fine & Performing Arts
December 4 at 7 p.m. | Virtual
Tickets: $40–$125 | jimbrickman.com/naperville

Photo courtesy Jim Brickman