Kevin Bozeman

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By Matt Le Cren

Writing and performing

You can write all the jokes in the world, but it doesn’t actually become a joke until someone laughs at it. Creating new content, staying fresh, developing a timing and a delivery, all starts with writing and performing.

Energy of a Live Performance

Standup is one of the purest forms of art, in the sense that you’ve created something and you instantly know if it’s good or not by the response of the audience. I also love to make people laugh.

Being a 2015 Semifinalist on Last Comic Standing

LCS was dope. It definitely ranks up there with my other standup experiences. I wanted to go further, but making it to the top 40 after they had looked at over 5,000 comedians is something to feel good about. In the end, it’s all about validation. Everyone needs it in their line of work, and with standup, entering comedy competitions is a good way to validate that the way you write, the way you perform, and your overall thought process is good enough.

The multitalented Bozeman, who played college basketball at Wisconsin-Whitewater, is a Downers Grove resident who has over 25 years of comedy experience. For a tour schedule or to purchase his new album, 2 Parent Love, visit

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