Laura Bannon

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Rumblings of a career in meteorology There wasn’t a specific event in my life that sparked that interest, but I do remember growing up and being fascinated by thunderstorms. There’s that thrill when you’re a kid running out into the street and playing in the rain, then bolting back into the garage when you hear the thunder.

Native memories There was a lot to do in Naperville when I was a kid. Especially where I grew up, everything was within walking distance, whether it was going to school or meeting friends at McDonald’s or something. It just made it really fun growing up. Being back, it’s so great to be able to reconnect with friends and family—and not have to leave on Sunday night after just a weekend visit. I can actually enjoy those extra moments and get that time back, which is what I’ve really missed over the last decade.

Beyond the television screen This job is all about community and meeting the people that you are connecting with every single day. I grew up riding horses in Oswego, and I have a soft spot for children and adults with mental, physical, and emotional disabilities, which is why I work with a therapeutic horseback riding program. Highlighting the good in our community and sharing those special moments is something I’m very passionate about.