Maternal Beauty — Tips to Keep Moms Looking their Best

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A few years ago I became fascinated with the television show What Not to Wear, now in its ninth season on TLC. Some find that plucking an unsuspecting woman out of her everyday life to have her appearance scrutinized in front of a million viewers displays only the despicable voyeuristic qualities of reality television. But if you stay with the episode long enough to see the post-reveal segment (the exit interview after professional stylists rework clothes, hair, and makeup) you’ll discover a transformation occurs, and she emerges from the experience a completely different person—inside and out.

My favorite “victims” to watch are middle-age mothers who have long neglected their personal appearance to instead focus their energy on their homes and children. While it’s often a painful process to conform to a new personal style—especially, it seems, to a new hairstyle—the women are always grateful to emerge out of their comfortable cocoon into a beautiful, better version of themselves.

May is the perfect time for mothers to pamper and reward themselves with a new, updated look. Moms have the most important job in the world and they should feel as classy and elegant as their vital vocation demands. If you feel your personal style could use a refresh, read on for professional tips from area full-service salon owners who offer new ideas for skin, makeup, hair, and nails.


James Joseph Experience is a Hinsdale salon with spa technicians trained in the latest skin techniques. Aesthetician Janet Kompare offers a number of customized facials, peels, and micro treatments to keep skin healthy and rejuvenated.

What are some of the ways women can better take care of their skin?

Like you, skin has an individual identity and personality and it is necessary to use a professional product line that is formulated for skin complexities like age, ethnicity, diet, sun damage, lifestyle imbalances and more. I recommend the Gly-Med Plus skin care line which offers a great daily skin care line and also acts as a prep and post-treatment to many popular Med-Spa treatments.

What daily skin-care regimen do you recommend?

Just as optimal health is achieved through diet and exercise, younger-acting skin is achieved through a four-step process of cleanse, treat, balance, and protect. At home, clients should follow the same regimen every morning and evening to maintain a healthy, flawless complexion.

What skin care service do you recommend to someone who has never had professional skin-care services before?

The best introduction to skin care is a 90-minute facial that is customized for the client’s skin type and addresses specific skin conditions without being overly aggressive. Through skin analysis the client learns about her skin type and how to treat it. Facial massages, as well as feet and hand massages are included, which relaxes the client and leaves her feeling invigorated.

What is a HydraFacial and for whom do you recommend this service?

HydraFacial is a new breakthrough in aesthetic technology—its ability to moisturize the skin separates it from all other skin resurfacing procedures. The HydraFacial removes dead skin cells and impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating, and moisturizing skin solutions.



The five local Zano Salons offer a mineral-based makeup line formulated by Loretta Wilger of LOOKS, LTD. In addition to makeup application for special events, Wilger offers makeup classes for women and teens at the downtown Naperville Zano Salon.

What are some of the eye and lip color trends you see for spring/fall?

Color trends for spring are all about bright colors: red, coral, pinks, or a barely-there look with a nude lip. And don’t forget the brow this season: Fill it in and make them look thicker. A brow frames the face and completes the look.

What do you recommend including in a daily makeup routine?

So many women forget that even-toned skin makes makeup stand out. When we are 16, we don’t have to worry about this—but as we mature, the pigment around our eyes, nose, and lips can change. A less-is-more approach is more flattering and age appropriate. These are the main products I can’t live without: mineral concealer around the t-zone, powder around the outer edges, eye shadow in the crease, coral or pink blush along the cheek bone, bronzer on the face’s outer edges, lip gloss or lipstick, and a mist spray to hydrate and set makeup.

How often and at what ages should women reassess their makeup routine?

Women should reassess their make-up routine yearly. Trends change every fall and spring, so it’s always good to keep updated and feel refreshed. Most women feel they need a whole new look when they turn 40 or 50. Realistically, we can see ourselves age every seven years, but we really see and feel the change at 40 and older.

What changes in products do you recommend as women age?

Your skin tone and texture will determine what products you should use. We suggest a mineral sheer tint foundation because it’s light and has more moisture. But new formulas have redefined powders to be more hydrating and I believe it’s more about how you apply it.  Again, less is more.



Stylists in all four Charles Ifergan Hair Salon locations—Chicago (Oak Street), Deerfield, Oakbrook Terrace, and Naperville—follow a strict code of edgy looks, quality and dedication to customer service. The Naperville salon has been open in Springbrook Crossing since 2009 under the direction of Salon Manager Tom Lawler.

What advice would you give a client who wants to try a new style—how can they best communicate what they want?

Pictures are always a good idea. Don’t just focus on what you want, sometimes a sample of what you don’t like can be equally helpful.  Be willing and open to suggestions.

What are the style trends you’re seeing for spring and summer?

Think loose tousled romance. My advice to my clients is, “Don’t try too hard.” With the right cut, less is more. This season, the cuts are fun and whimsical from long loose waves, to short and sassy. Color is rich and smooth—again less is more. We’re seeing tone-on-tone blonds and rich chocolate browns you can’t get in a “box.”

What are a few things women can do to take better care of their hair?

Use a great shampoo. You wouldn’t wash your Prada suit everyday with dish soap. Your hair is a fabric—if you want it to last and look beautiful, it needs to be handled with care. This is one product that price shouldn’t influence.

What are some simple ways women can wear their hair for more formal occasions?

I recommend going half up, half down. If you lightly tease your crown to create a “pin-cushion,” you can pull small sections from the front and pin to the crown. I’ve been teaching my clients how to convert their flat iron to a “styling” iron. You can create a beautiful playful wave without having to buy any new tools.


The Mario Tricoci Naperville salon has been a fixture in the area for over 18 years. Nail Director, Amber Edwards, leads all aspects of the company’s nail services offered by 150 nail technicians in 14 salons—from strategic planning to guest experience.

What are the new color trends you’re seeing for spring and summer?

Spring has a fun palette this year: vibrant blues, soft greens, and bright pinks and oranges with a touch of metallic and sparkle. Glitter is also really big right now.

Tell us about these popular no-chip manicures. Do they really work?

The No-Chip manicure we use is CND Shellac.  It goes on like polish and stays on for up to 14 days without chipping or peeling—it works great. Guests who could never grow their nails, but didn’t ever want the commitment of acrylic, are hooked on No-Chip. This product is definitely the best of both worlds.

What’s the difference between gel fills and acrylic nails?

Gel nails are hypoallergenic, have no odor and do not need any primers to help it adhere. Gel never yellows or gets those funny lines some people see (with acrylic). If gels are applied properly they won’t need maintenance for three to four weeks. Acrylic nails have a bit of an odor, need a primer and need maintenance every two weeks. Both have their diehard fans. I think it really depends on your lifestyle and how much time and money you are willing to spend.

What are a few simple ways women can take better care of their nails?

Adding a few steps to your daily routine can make a big difference. If your nails are weak, you can add more Biotin and Keratin to your vitamin intake. I suggest that clients keep a strengthener on at all times and get regular manicures to stimulate nail growth. Keeping your hands and nails moisturized is very important.


Style Resources:

If you’re leery of a change in hairstyle, try a “virtual makeover” before driving to the salon. Visit any of the following websites for a fun and easy way to “try on” today’s celebrity hairstyles. In a few short minutes you can upload a photo and see how you’d look with Rhianna red or Gweneth gold locks.