Meat to Order

Appears in the December 2020 issue.

As the local restaurant industry scrambles to offset revenue lost by mandated shutdowns, two big names on the local scene are cooking up fresh streams of business. Gibsons and Allgauer’s have recently launched new offerings—and they are a meat lover’s dream.

The online retail store of Oakbrook’s Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse now ships fresh Australian grassfed beef straight to a home chef’s front door. According to the company, Gibsons Grassfed Australian is sourced from the top five percent of grassfed cattle (in terms of marbling, flavor, and animal welfare) in southeast Australia.

In addition to burgers, Gibsons Steak ( offers New York strips, rib eyes, and fillets ($28–$98), as well as five box combinations ($110–$225) that include a variety of packages, plus a bottle of seasoning salt—“The perfect gift,” says Gibsons’ director of marketing Liz Lombardo. “We have curated a mix of different steak cuts, ground steak, and steakhouse burgers, so all you need to do is choose the box with all your favorites.”

For those nervous about replicating the pro prep, don’t despair: Corporate executive chef Daniel Huebschmann has created a video to show how to prepare, season, and grill a Chicago cut rib eye—all from his home kitchen and balcony. Tips on the website include how-to’s for the perfect sear and indirect grilling, plus slicing and serving.

Those who like the at-home concept, but want more variety, can try Naperville Meats ( The business was launched by Kurt Allgauer, whose family has been in the restaurant business for 70 years. His uncle owned four hotels, including the Lisle location whose restaurant bore the family name until being sold to Hilton. Allgauer leveraged a relationship with a Chicago meatpacking company to convince them to work with him to supply homes in the west suburbs.

“This meat company is over a hundred years old,” says Allgauer. “They are used to shipping bulk orders to big kitchens. To get them to put family-size orders together really took a while.”

But the concept is working. Naperville Meats delivers fresh (not frozen) beef, pork, poultry, lamb, and seafood next-day for free to customers in 24 of Chicago’s west suburbs for a minimum order of $95.

The food comes from restaurant producers like Greater Omaha beef, Compart Duroc pork, and Shenandoah Valley organic chicken.

“If you order at 8:30 at night, at 5 a.m. [the next day] the meat will be cut specifically for you and delivered to your door that afternoon,” Allgauer explains. In addition to this unique quality and customer service, Naperville Meats carries items not found at retail grocers. “We have an airline chicken breast [with the drumette attached] that you can’t get at the store,” he says. “And the Compart Family Farms Duroc pork that used to be sold at Standard Market? I deliver it now.”

Several local organizations have also signed up for the company’s fundraising program, which supports community groups. “I’ve taken that same concept and a school, club, or team will promote my website and products. Every time their supporter buys from me, a bit of money goes back to that organization,” says Allgauer. “What’s really nice about it is that people are appreciating the home delivery and being able to stay out of the grocery store—which helped my business get off to a good start.”

Naperville Meats will soon offer a line of sous vide products that are flash-frozen, ready to reheat and eat. The choices will include osso buco, pork shank, duck, lamb chops, veal medallions, and pork shoulder prepared with prime glosses and fresh herbs and spices.

Photo courtesy Gibsons Steak