Perfect Proportions

Appears in the January 2023 issue.

Fireplace in a Wheaton home

The generous spaces in this Wheaton home demand appropriately sized furniture. Whether rooms are big or small, finding the right proportion is key. Designer Joan Kaufman offers these tips:

Make a floor plan. Map out where key pieces will go when redecorating to ensure there’s enough space for traffic flow.

Assess function. Is the room, for example, a place for visiting with guests or for watching TV? Let purpose dictate the amount of space needed for optimal viewing or eye contact.

Don’t forget white space. Good design calls for thoughtful use of blank space. Furnishings need space to breathe; too-full rooms have a stressful vibe.

Break up larger rooms. Create areas or groupings for different purposes to keep spaces from feeling cold.


Photo courtesy of Haines Photographic Company