Appears in the April 2019 issue.

Sometimes the most profound scientific discoveries come from the most unlikely of places. For proof, look no further than the Harvard researchers who once upon a time noted that children who were sucking on cold Popsicles on a regular basis were losing fat in their midcheek areas. Several years of intensive testing and research on the effects of freezing fat cells later, and the process of CoolSculpting was suddenly one of the most popular treatments for smoothing areas of unwanted fat deposits in the body.

“The most significant aspect of this technology is that it does not involve any needles, injections or surgery, and it is truly effective for most people—with no downtime and minimal discomfort during the procedure,” says Dr. Bryan Rubach, a veteran aesthetic surgeon who was among the first practitioners to bring CoolSculpting to the greater Chicago area at the Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery in Naperville.

While he stresses that CoolSculpting is a process to smooth and improve a patient’s regular unsightly contours rather than a weight loss method—and therefore may not be the right choice for every patient—Rubach is pleased to be able to include such an effective nonsurgical treatment among the center’s many options.

“Nonsurgical modalities continue to be developed in aesthetic medicine, and I’m always looking for new technologies that will provide benefits to my patients.”

Photograph by John Jennings