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Quell your cravings with creations from these local chocolatiers 

Le Chocolat du Bouchard


Owner Cathy Bouchard was evangelizing about the health benefits of cacao in the ’90s when the rest of the country was singing the praises of low-fat SnackWell’s. Now that the superfood status of antioxidant-packed dark chocolate is clinically proven and more widely known, she sees fewer raised eyebrows—and her line of 70 percent dark chocolate truffles (called the Chocolate Regimen) continues to be a top seller at her shop, open since 2004. Chocolate can be found here in cakes, crepes, cookies, and croissants. “We’ve got over 100 types of truffles, and all kinds of novelty treats—dipped pretzels, dipped Oreos,” Bouchard says. “We’re even working on dipped jalapeños and some other unusual things for this winter.” 127 S. Washington St.,

Must try: “Our Belgian chocolate milkshakes are unlike any other shake out there,” Bouchard says. “We make them from real Belgian chocolate and premium ice cream, the highest-level quality you can get.” 

Four Brothers Handcrafted Chocolates 


This family chocolate business sold its first hand-rolled truffles at the Wheaton French Market back in 2011. In 2020, co-owner John O. Houlihan moved operations to this petite standalone shop in downtown Wheaton. “We are trying to be reasonable with pricing but also put out an excellent product,” he says. The business is named for him and his three brothers, and treats range from chocolate-covered potato chips to French mints and truffles in an array of seasonal flavors. 221 S. Naperville Rd.,

Must try: “Our butter almond toffee is our bestseller,” Houlihan says. “That’s what we started our business with. It’s a very buttery soft toffee—it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth.”

All Chocolate Kitchen


Forty-two years ago, French chef Alain Roby and Rome native Esther Roby met on a flight to London, fell in love, and married six weeks later. Together they run this decadent chocolate shop—now in its 13th year—in downtown Geneva. Chef Roby is known for creating larger-than-life chocolate and sugar sculptures for Food Network specials and other events, including a massive velociraptor made from 915 pounds of white chocolate that now guards the shop’s front door. “We use the highest quality of chocolate, called grand cru chocolate,” Esther says. You’ll find it in the truffles, gelato, and the espresso drinks, too. “When we make a mocha, it’s with real chocolate.” 33 S. Third St.,

Must try: Hot chocolate bombs with fillings such as marshmallows, caramel, or Irish cream are a winter favorite. “We put them in individual boxes, and they make the greatest gift,” Esther says. 

Photos courtesy of All Chocolate Kitchen, Le Chocolat du Bouchard, and Adams Photography (Four Brothers Handcrafted Chocolates)