Time to Reup?

Appears in the June 2023 issue.

A reupholstered chair

Professionals can breathe new life into worn or dated furniture by stripping the piece down to its frame and recovering it with new fabric. Ask yourself these three questions before deciding to reupholster:

1. Is the piece well made? Because reupholstering is often just as expensive as a new piece, it isn’t likely to save you much—if any—cash. For this reason, it often doesn’t make sense to reupholster an inexpensive piece that lacks good bones, says Stephanie Sarris of Bellehaven Designs.

2. Do you still love it? Tastes and styles change over the years, says Robin Carey of Warrenville-based Chase’s Upholstery Inc., who is retiring this year after 55 years in the business. Consider letting it go if you don’t absolutely love it.

3. Is it worth something to you? Trumping the previous point: Antiques and other pieces that hold sentimental value may be especially worth preserving.


Photo: Michael Kaskel