A Hole in One

Appears in the October 2022 issue.

A customer recently strolled up to the counter at the Donut Experiment (2770 S. Highland Ave., Lombard), leaned in close to owner Norris Ingbretson, and gleefully proclaimed, “You did it!” Ingbretson was unfazed. When you run a doughnut shop that boasts a completely open kitchen—customers watch, Wonka-like, as their doughnuts are mixed, molded, sizzled in oil, and then crowned with their choice of toppings—expressions of unbridled joy are not uncommon. 

The man had just devoured a house specialty: a spicy-sweet peanut-butter glazed doughnut with peanut bits and a Sriracha drizzle. “It tasted like a pad Thai doughnut,” said the enthused heat-seeker. “I’ve never tried anything like it.” 

Given that customers can choose from six different glazes, 15 sprinkles (bacon bits to fruity pebbles), and a variety of drizzles, chances are you’ll find your perfect doughnut, too. —P.G.

Photo courtesy of The Donut Experiment