A Place for Everything

Appears in the November 2022 issue.

These must-have elements are sure to take your home bar to the next level, according to Diana Burton, senior designer at Glen Ellyn–based Drury Design.

  • Built-ins for garbage and recycling. No one wants to mar a beautifully finished space with a messy garbage can in plain sight. “It’s best to tuck it away under a counter if you can,” Burton says. 
  • Standard-size sink. Choose a sink big enough to be functional—and give yourself extra points for adding a disposal so you can easily do away with those lemon and lime slices from dirtied glasses.
  • Drawers to hold corkscrews, knives, and a small cutting board. These lifesavers keep tools at hand and countertops clear for mixing drinks. 
  • Right-sized bottle storage. Select storage that works for your drink of choice: tall, shallow cabinets for liquor; beverage refrigerators for storing craft beer; and roll-out shelving for wine bottles.

Photo courtesy of Eric Hausman