Anne Hanley

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Virtual Riverwalk Fine Art Fair
September 19–20

Something old, something new

Batik is an ancient artistic method that I’ve tried to make very contemporary. Traditional batik is made using dyes or wax to layer colors on cloth. But I found a wonderful rice paper that reacts to the wax similarly, and now I’ve been doing batik work on rice paper for the past 20 or so years.

Artistic signature

My bright florals and figure pieces tend to be the most popular—they’ve always been my mainstay. I developed a piece called Columbine With Blue Circle around 2007 that has become my signature piece. Now it shows up underneath a lot of my abstracts.

Getting to work

I’m a very intuitive painter. I tend to come into my studio and get right into drawing a little bit and then I just start painting. I see inspiration in everything: plants, figures, shadows. My family has been going to the Lake Michigan shoreline for many years, so I’ll often find an idea there.

Photo by Laura Hamm