Auto Showstopper

Appears in the August 2023 issue.

A country paradise for car lovers in Oswego

Outside 35 Pioneer Court

There’s a difference between people who appreciate their cars and “car people.” While the former might maintain a regular wash schedule and opt for premium gasoline, the latter might spend a full afternoon wiping down every last bit of chrome with a cloth diaper or looking to add to their fleet of rare and classic vehicles like a kid assembling a Matchbox collection.

A garage full of cars

Someone who identifies with (or embodies) that second group is likely the target buyer for the property at 35 Pioneer Court in Oswego, currently on the market for $1.3 million. While the fully renovated 5,400-square-foot home—complete with high-end kitchen, new windows and flooring, fully finished basement, and two new decks—would be the main draw for most shoppers, car people may not even notice any of those upgrades as they amble across the three-acre property to what most would refer to simply as the garage.

The kitchen at 35 Pioneer Court

But in this instance it hardly seems like an a sufficient description for what is a spacious and well-appointed auto barn, featuring heated floors, a bathroom, a bar, a billiard room, and space for nearly a dozen vehicles—or, as listing agent Gino Metallo of Street Side Realty calls it, “the showroom” (in part to help differentiate it from the secondary barn on the property, which is currently used as a workshop and car wash). “While the current owner uses this area to display his collection, there are numerous uses for the space,” Metallo says. “A new occupant could opt for an indoor soccer arena, batting cages, or golf simulators.”


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