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By Jennifer Cody Epstein (Crown)
As the Nazi party tightens its grip on Berlin, Ilse and Renate find their friendship under siege—and Ilse’s involvement in the Hitler Youth movement leaves them on opposing sides. This unflinching exploration of Nazi Germany, and its legacy, is a portrait of an unspeakable crime and a contemplation of womanhood and wartime.
Courting Mr. Lincoln
By Louis Bayard (Workman)
When Mary Todd first meets Abraham Lincoln, he is on no one’s shortlist to be president. He’s a country lawyer lacking money and manners, with a gift for oratory. Rich with historical detail, the complex portrait of Mary and an evocation of the unformed man who would grow into one of the nation’s most beloved presidents.


Mother Is a Verb
By Sarah Knott (Sarah Crichton Books)
In this original interpretation of mothering, Knott weaves a tale that begins with her own story, before expanding into maternity in other places and times through a trellis of tiny scenes to create a moving and visceral depiction of mothering—past and present—as both a shared and varied human experience.
American Spirit
By Taya Kyle and Jim DeFelice (Harper Collins)
Taya Kyle entered a period of inconsolable grief after losing her husband, Chris, but this darkness served as a catalyst for growth. Working with American Sniper coauthor DeFelice, Kyle tells her own story and others, about Americans who have built extraordinary lives after traveling down life’s most difficult roads.