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The Arctic Fury
By Greer Macallister (Sourcebooks)
In 1853, experienced trail guide Virginia Reeve leads a party of 12 women into the wild Arctic to search for the lost Franklin Expedition. Eighteen months later Virginia is on trial when not all of the women return. The story is told in alternating timelines that follow both the sensational murder trial in Boston and the women’s expedition into the frozen North.
The Chanel Sisters
By Judithe Little (Graydon House)
Abandoned by their family years before, Antoinette and Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel have grown up under the guidance of pious nuns preparing them for simple lives. But the walls of the convent can’t shield them forever, and when they’re finally of age, the Chanel sisters set out together with a fierce determination to prove themselves worthy of a society that has never accepted them.


From Hang Time to Prime Time
By Pete Croatto (Atria Books)
The NBA has become an entertainment and pop culture juggernaut. From team logo merchandise to officially branded video games and players crossing over into reality television, film, fashion, and more, there is an inseparable line between sports and entertainment. But only four decades ago, this would have been unthinkable.
Biohack Your Brain
By Kristen Willeumier (William Morrow)
Your brain is the most essential organ in your body. Leading neuroscientist Willeumier reveals how you can change your brain by making simple and easy modifications to your lifestyle. Combining clinical experience with revolutionary science, she details how biohacking your brain can boost your cognitive performance and so much more.