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Ill Will
By Dan Chaon (Random House Publishing Group)

Two sensational unsolved crimes—one in the past, another in the present—are linked by one man’s memory and self-depiction in this chilling novel of literary suspense from National Book Award finalist Dan Chaon.


The Hearts of Men
By Nickolas Butler  (HarperCollins Publishers)

Bestselling author of Shotgun Lovesongs, Nickolas Butler intertwines friendships and families set in the north woods of Wisconsin at a beloved Boy Scout summer camp in his novel about the slippery definitions of good and evil, family and fidelity, the challenges and rewards of lifelong friendships, the bounds of morality and redemption.


Illusion of Justice
By Jerome F. Buting (HarperCollins Publishers)

Attorney Jerome F. Buting interweaves his account of the Steven Avery trial at the heart of “Making a Murderer” with other high-profile cases from his criminal defense career. He explains the flaws in America’s criminal justice system and lays out a provocative, persuasive blue-print for reform.

Survivors Club
By Michael Bornstein and Debbie Bornstein Holinstat (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

Michael Bornstein tells the story of how he dodged death at the hands of the Nazis from his own recollections and with the help of his daughter, Debbie Bornstein Holinstat. This narrative nonfiction offers the depiction of what happened to one Polish village in the wake of the German invasion in 1939.