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A Good Neighborhood
By Therese Anne Fowler (St. Martin’s Press)
With little in common except a property line, two very different families find themselves at odds: first, over an historic tree, then the blossoming romance between their two teenagers. This novel asks big questions: What is a good neighbor? And, how do we live alongside each other when we don’t see eye to eye?
The Glass Hotel
By Emily St. John Mandel (Knopf)
In this novel of crisis and survival, St. John Mandel takes readers through campgrounds for the near-homeless, underground electronica clubs, service in luxury hotels, and life in a federal prison. This portrait of greed and guilt, love and delusion, ghosts and unintended consequences depicts the infinite ways we search for life’s meaning.


I Want You to Know We’re Still Here
By Esther Safran Foer (Tim Duggan Books)
Armed with only a photo and a hand-drawn map, the author travels to Ukraine, determined to find the shtetl where her father hid during World War II. This memoir tells the story of survivors determined to keep the past alive and to imbue the present with life.
By Dan Heath (Avid Readers/Simon Schuster)
So often in life we put out fires. We deal with emergencies. We stay downstream, handling one problem after another, but we never make our way upstream to fix the systems that caused the problems. Upstream delivers case studies and practical solutions for preventing problems, rather than reacting to them.