Centenarian Publishes Her First Book

May 2023 View more

Carol Landow

Carol Landow is a prime example that you’re never too old to do something new. Like write a book. The 102-year-old resident of Peace Village in Palos Park recently published her first work, The Adventures of Missy, a 40-page book for children. “At 102, most people are publishing their last book, not their first,” she jokes.

After hearing that her grandchildren’s cat went missing in the woods for a week, Landow couldn’t help but create stories about what had happened during those lost days. She wrote a rough draft and set it aside. Fast-forward a few decades to when she recently ran across the story and decided to make her book a reality, signing up for a writing and illustration class at Peace Village. “I got help with using the computer, and then it all just fell into place—all of a sudden I couldn’t stop myself,” Landow explains. She self-published the book in December through 48 Hour Books. “I wasn’t really expecting this kind of opportunity,” she says. “It was so much fun to do, and now that it’s over, I wish I had started when I was younger.”

The Adventures of Missy can be purchased through Peace Village’s Gift Shop (708-361-3683). Proceeds benefit Lora’s Fund, which helps Peace Village residents stay in their homes even if they have outlived their financial resources.


Photo courtesy of Rebecca Palumbo/Rollins Palumbo Creative