Julie Duffin

Resolve to Read

Reading exercises the brain, improves cognitive function, decreases stress, increases…
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Inside West Suburban Community Pantry

Fighting Food Insecurity

How to help the West Suburban Community Pantry If you’ve been to a grocery store lately,…
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July’s opening of Deaf Welcome Studios with founder Theressa DuBois (fourth from left) and Aurora mayor Richard Irvin (fifth from left).

Signs of Inclusion

This local resource helps link the deaf culture and the hearing world If you’re heading…
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Stacks of books

Bagging a Great Read

The next time it’s your turn to host book club, consider this convenient option: book…
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A Kids’ Lesson in Kindness

Gina Marie Lehman wrote Onions Mean I Love You six years ago—before she became a mom,…
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A Dose of Suspense

Book signing: 6:30 p.m. October 26 at Frugal Muse Books, Music and Video (7511 Lemont…
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Spreading Smiles

Dentist Fariha Querishi always has been passionate about helping children in need. So…
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Biz Kids

These were no sidewalk lemonade stands. The next generation of entrepreneurs displayed…
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Painting the Towns

A mural can tell a community’s story, inspire dialogue, and beautify a neighborhood—not…
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Banner Days

A machine gunner, a pilot, a nurse.  A sailor, a Silver Star recipient, a POW. The next…
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Primary Focus

It’s as simple as the ABCs, really. Decades of research studies (and common sense)…
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It’s India Day

Leave your passport at home and dive into Indian culture at Naperville’s India Day…
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