Classic Warmth

Appears in the April 2021 issue.

Spanish for “chimney,” the chimenea (che-meh-NEH-yah) dates back to 16th- and 17th-century Mexico, when chefs used them as cooking vessels and families gathered around for warmth. Modern versions offer a unique focal point to a porch or patio that is more stylish for cozy gatherings than the ubiquitous propane patio heater. The classic design also makes it a safe alternative to a fire pit, because the flames are directed up and out of the well-designed chimney stack, giving a more controlled burn. Which brings us to one of the biggest chimenea benefits: no more watery eyes or hair and clothes that smell like a campfire.

Pro tip: Fill your chimenea with piñon firewood, which has a pine aroma known to be mosquito and insect repellent.

Crate & Barrel’s Arroyo black chimenea ($699) and Home Depot’s rustic chimenea ($475)