Cleaning Hacks

Appears in the April 2021 issue.

Whether motivated by spring’s arrival or getting your home market-ready, deep cleaning behind kitchen appliances, washing blinds, and removing scaling from shower heads are once-a-year chores that most don’t relish. But we asked the folks at Chicagoland Home Staging for two time-saving
tips to make your home sparkle:

This powerful substance cuts through tough grease and can also kill mold. Mix one part distilled or white vinegar with one part water to make a cheap, natural cleaner that is tough on bacteria and dirt.

Catch-All Cycle
Your dishwasher doesn’t just have to be for dishes. Sponges, cleaning brushes, plastic toys, trash cans, dust pans, fridge shelves, and vent covers can all benefit from a cycle.

Illustration by Kevin Sterjo