Dad’s Big Day

June 2021 View more

By Kelly Aiglon

Dig It
The Hori Hori Classic tool is not garden variety, with its heat-tempered, hollow-back blade.
Hearth and Hammer General, $30

Nice Serve
Get a hot dish from microwave to table safely with bowl holders made by a Glen Ellyn designer.
Shawn Sargent Designs, $20

Bean Scene
Let the morning jolt begin with Bamenda, an organic roaster founded by a Hyde Park teen.
The Cotton Seed Creative Exchange, $7

Cut Above
The perfect T-bone meets its match with stainless-steel blades made by artisans in Seki, Japan.
Crate & Barrel, $700

Handcrafted in Downers Grove, Man Oil creates a pheromone-like scent that blends with his body chemistry. Wyckwood House, $35

On A Roll
Bump that backyard game up a notch with the Shinola and St. Pierre bocce ball set, in its own canvas tote bag., $295

Ensure shake-and-stir success with the Ellis old-fashioned mix—a blend of sugar, spice and everything nice. Wyckwood House, $24

Hot Spot
Skyroam is a hot spot on steroids—offering 4G LTE speed on up to 10 devices, keeping the whole family happy., prices vary