David Eigenberg

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An early start in acting I did a community production of Kurt Vonnegut’s Happy Birthday, Wanda June at the old Illinois Benedictine College when I was about 12 years old. I loved the theater community, and I was just really hit by what words could do to myself and other people—their power to impact and challenge people. It just amazed me.

Being Steve … again The character of Steve in Sex and the City was such a joy to portray. So many characters on television are two-dimensional, but I always found Steve to be more like someone you’d come across in real life. I’m not a breakout actor and I don’t tend to play breakout characters, but I think I bring a lot of joy and interest to a guy like that. Now it’s about trying to find my place back in that storyline. I was really excited to have the opportunity again, but then I started to think, Wow, this has been a while, and I’ve been doing a show in Chicago [Chicago Fire] for 10 years now. But because of the love and acceptance and nurturing of that production and that ensemble, I’ve been able to find the saddle again and sit comfortably in it.   

Childhood memories in small-town Naperville I grew up in the working-class part of Naperville behind Edward Hospital—this is back when the town was only around 26,000 people. But I just loved being in [West Highlands], running down the crazy ramp at Elmwood School on our bikes, and Halloween with our bags of candy and just all of the good people around us. 

Photo by Craig Blankenhorn/HBO