Dental Braces—The latest technology to straighten your teeth and fix your smile

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Investing in your child’s smile can cost you time and money. Braces can run thousands of dollars, and it can be a long process for the patient. Every situation is different, but in most cases, patients are required to wear braces for more than one year. Now, new technology can speed up the whole process. In fact, in some cases, it can cut the time in half.

Hi-tech Approach

Dental braces work by applying subtle force to teeth with the goal of gradually realigning the teeth by reshaping the bone. To get the metal off your teeth faster, one of the newest techniques is AcceleDent. The AcceleDent system uses a special tool, placed in the mouth, that sends vibrations to teeth and gums to help accelerate the process. Dr. Manal Ibrahim of Innovative Orthodontic Centers in Naperville was one of the first orthodontists in Illinois to offer this treatment to her patients. “I never use any new technology until I see powerful clinical trials that reveal efficacy. This was the case when I went to the American Association of Orthodontics annual convention and saw the compelling long term evidence of success.

I love cutting edge technology and how it helps me deliver the highest quality of orthodontic care to my patients,” said Dr. Ibrahim.

Accelerating Teeth Movement

AcceleDent works along with conventional orthodontic treatment to accelerate tooth movement. For patients already wearing braces or Invisalign, they bite down on the device every day for 20 minutes continuously. It delivers low-frequency vibration to the teeth, stimulating bone remodeling and speeding up the straightening process. “AcceleDent has been proven to cut your treatment time by up to 50 percent. The soothing micro-vibrations help reduce discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment. It feels like a little massage for your teeth. So it’s really best for patients who want to finish their treatment faster and with less pain,” said Dr. Ibrahim. Most orthodontic patients are good candidates for the hi-tech system. Only those patients with periodontal disease should not use it. Consult your orthodonist.

The Science Behind the System

The AcceleDent System is the result of years of scientific research. During his tenure in Chicago, Dr. Jeremy Mao, invented the concept. “Since the beginning of orthodontics in the 1890s, static forces have been used to push or pull teeth by inducing bone modeling. My team did research for years at UIC showing that pulsatile forces speed up bone turnover rates,” said Dr. Mao. “This device saves time for both orthodontists and patients.” Dr. Mao is currently a professor in dental medicine, orthopedics and biomedical engineering at Columbia University.

With this new technology available, patients can think in terms of months instead of years when it comes to wearing braces.

“Every time my patients come in I am amazed with the amount of tooth alignment that has occurred since their last visit. The patients are all beyond thrilled. Some are finishing in as little as three months. Other patients whose treatment would be 14 months are finishing in only seven months,” said Dr. Ibrahim.

Dr. Ibrahim says AcceleDent is extremely popular right now at her office. “I used to dream about this type of technology years ago and never imagined I would see it during my career. I see orthodontics being able to create the magic for patients in a more efficient, comfortable and cosmetic manner than ever before.”

Cost of the treatment depends on the overall treatment type and the length of the treatment. Researchers say the apparatus showed no signs of any negative impacts or side effects.