Down on the Digital Farm

Appears in the February 2022 issue.

An online marketplace that allows people to buy directly from farms and local food producers? People used to chuckle, rather condescendingly, when U.S. Navy veterans Erin and Matt Tortora first pitched that idea back in 2014. “Online food deliveries?” the naysayers crowed. “Nobody will ever pay for that.” 

Fast-forward to 2022, and it’s the Tortoras who are laughing. Their Source What’s Good online marketplace is the Etsy of farm-fresh food. Visit to pick your pleasure—produce, cheese, eggs, sauces, dressing, grass-fed meat—and it’ll be delivered to your front door or a local pickup point. “We always believed,” says Erin, “there were people who wanted to regularly shop from farmers’ markets but didn’t have the time.” 

Now they can via individual orders or a new flat-rate subscription service ($125/year), which includes unlimited deliveries with no order minimums. It’s a win-win, says Erin: The public gets access to fresher, tastier produce, while farmers enjoy a new revenue stream.