Dr. Mark Gomez

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An unexpected calling
Being a podcaster was never part of my career plan—I just wanted to take care of patients the best way that I could. And it wasn’t until I decided to take this leap of faith that I realized just how meaningful and valuable this could be to the community that I serve. At the end of the day, I’m just trying to inspire people to be the healthiest version of themselves that they can be. That’s what this podcast is all about.

A broad palette
We’re not afraid to cover anything and everything—from mental, sexual, and cardiovascular health to fitness, nutrition, and herbal medicine. Anything that pertains to health and well-being, and gives people the tools and resources they need to be successful with their health, we’re going to talk about it. The great thing is that every topic has the potential to be the thing that starts a listener on a journey to change and better self-care.

Extending the conversation
The biggest thing that patients always say to their physician is that they wish they had more time during their appointments to talk about different health issues. People want more information and they want to be invested in their health, but their primary care physician might be seeing 25 people a day. So there’s never enough time to have those discussions. Hopefully, we’re helping to fill that gap, and maybe something they hear on the podcast while they’re driving to work or folding the laundry might be the thing that stimulates them to do something different with respect to their health trajectory.

All episodes of Health 360 With Dr. G are available at eehealth.org/podcast.

Photo courtesy Edward-Elmhurst Health