Dressed to Chill

April 2022 View more

In the bustle of downtown, you’ll find an unlikely oasis in Faherty. Like its namesake clothing line, this new shop brings the laid-back vibes. Sun-drenched by a huge skylight, the open and airy space lets you take in a vast selection of casualwear at your own breezy pace. 

“This is meant to be a place where you want to spend some time,” says store leader Audra Ewert. 

Designed to Inspire
The vintage and whimsical decor, highlighted by lush plants and oversize couches, makes it feel like you’re at a family vacation home. And, in a sense, you actually are, because Faherty is a sibling-run business. 

Inspired by their beach-town upbringing, twin brothers Mike and Alex Faherty launched their high-quality, sustainable clothing line in 2013. “We’re committed to holding ourselves to a high standard and reducing our impact on the environment,” says Mike, who worked for Ralph Lauren before going into business with his brother.

Each location is uniquely designed by Ninie Faherty, Mike and Alex’s mom. She incorporates local elements into each store. At the Naperville location, you’ll find artwork and pillow designs inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Comfortably Familiar
Naperville is Faherty’s 34th standalone store and its first in the Midwest. The clothing line has been sold locally for many years at locations like Dean’s, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s, as well as online. The opening of its Jefferson Avenue location gives customers the chance to shop its entire collection of men’s and women’s pieces.

You can also find everything you need to hit the beach including swimwear, board shorts, hats, sunglasses, oversize blankets, beach towels, and even portable chairs. 

But the real heroes are the clothing items: outerwear, shirts, hoodies, shorts, dresses, and pants—all made from incredibly soft, premium fabrics. Faherty develops its own fabrics using recycled materials, organic cotton, and natural dyes which are easy on the environment.

At the heart of it all is the belief that the most sustainable clothes are the ones made to last. “All our clothing comes with a lifetime guarantee,” says Ewert. “We even offer repairs and alteration services. Ultimately, we want to ensure our clothing is something our customers love and want to keep and pass along to their children.” 

Photos courtesy Faherty