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Steve Gustafson checks in with NM before playing Pfeiffer

10K Maniacs and 37 years
Performing has become really, really fun because we kind of let the shackles go and we’re playing with some renewed vigor. It certainly makes it easy to play, because we’ve been doing it together for so long. 

Best job in the world
I’ve always felt extremely fortunate that I could even come close to making a living being a musician, so I consider myself very lucky. I think we all feel that sense of celebration now—that we can still do this and it’s still fun. And there’s just nothing better than a standing ovation at the end of a workday. That’s the goal every night: to get the audience on their feet and screaming out of their minds. If you get a chance at a job like that, take it.

Lessons from the road
I’ve learned that no matter where we go, my favorite journey is always the journey home. 

May 19 at Pfeiffer Hall, North Central College
Tickets $20–$40 | northcentral.vbotickets.com/events