Encore | Andy Grammer

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Songwriting Process
I like to write about things that are important to me and mean something. But a lot of times when you try to do that it comes across as heavy-handed, and I don’t like that. So I find that I have to write a ton to get something out of me that is true, but isn’t too heavy.

Collaborating with Rapper Lunchmoney Lewis
We didn’t record “Give Love” together, but he crushed it. We created the space for him and wrote a bunch of baselines, got his section really tight and sent it off. What he sent back was so fresh. It’s great to hear that flavor on top of something I’m doing.

Roots as a Street Performer
I learned that in music you have to be OK with long periods of time where people don’t understand you. And then you have moments where everyone gets your purpose. Even in radio or Spotify you have moments where everybody gets it. There are long periods of self-doubt and discovery, but that’s OK—it’s part of it.