Encore | Candace Parker

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The two-time WNBA MVP shows off her skills—on the court and in the studio

Early success in Naperville
We went to Centennial Beach almost every day in the summer. I thought I was so cool when I finally passed the swim test and was able to go in the deep end!

Idol chatter
I grew up idolizing Cynthia Cooper and Allen Iverson. Right around the time I fell in love with basketball, the Houston Comets were winning championships. And my brother played for the 76ers with AI when I was younger—I loved how much heart and effort he played with even if he was the smallest guy on the court. He’s the reason I wear No. 3.

Basketball and broadcasting
By nature, I always have to know what’s next. I realize basketball isn’t going to last forever, and I want to figure out what I’m passionate about. Right now I play basketball for a living, so what’s the next best thing? Talking basketball, which is why I’m trying out broadcasting to see if it’s something I’d like to do after my playing career. And I really am enjoying learning and being a rookie again in a new field.

Parker provides game commentary and analysis throughout the NBA season on NBA TV and TNT through Turner Sports.

Photo by Andy King/Getty Images