Encore | Dennis Miller

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Red or blue, one overriding goal
When times grow polarized, topical reads political, but the only mandate is ‘be funny.’ I have people on both sides of the aisle who bug me. My prime directive is to have people walk out of the theater with their stomachs hurting from laughter.

The pros and cons of social media
I like thinking of a joke and putting it down. I used to do it on a legal pad, but Facebook is like writing them down in public. I read the first 20 comments so I can judge it. I quit Twitter because one day I was reading about someone’s brunch and thought, “Never have lives been less lived and more chronicled.”

Four decades—and counting—on the comedy high-wire
I still enjoy doing it because you have around five minutes where they think favorably of you because you have a history, but if you don’t do it right, it falls apart. So I like the action, I guess.

January 11 at Arcada Theatre
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January 12 at Rialto Square Theatre
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