Flipping the Script

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‘Just the Nicest Couple’ by Mary Kubica

Plainfield resident and bestselling author Mary Kubica’s latest thriller, Just the Nicest Couple, tells the story of two pairs: one happily married, the other full of animosity.

Mary Kubica

When Nina’s husband, Jake, goes missing after a heated fight, she assumes he is being spiteful. But after a few days, she realizes something is wrong. Her friend Lily may have been the last person to see Jake before he disappeared, but Lily and her husband, Christian, are determined to keep that a secret.

“I wanted to explore the idea of a missing husband,” Kubica says. “There are so many books, shows, and news reports about missing women. I decided to flip the script to see what happens when a husband goes missing. It becomes a cat-and-mouse game—one woman desperate to find her missing husband and another couple who will do anything to stop that from happening.”

What’s fun about Kubica’s books is that locals can spot familiar landmarks in the pages (no spoilers here). And she’s very appreciative of her fan base in the area. “I’ve been fortunate to chat with local readers and connect with different book clubs over Zoom,” she says. “Our local libraries and Anderson’s Bookshop have always been incredibly supportive.”


Photos courtesy of Mary Kubica