Floor Decor

Appears in the August 2021 issue.

Now that the kids are back in school treading in and out of the house in sneakers, cleats, and who knows what else, we spoke with Paul Linek, CEO of Naperville-based EcoClean on how to maintain your carpet:

1. Vacuum regularly. For high-traffic areas, that could mean once a day. “Dirt acts like sandpaper rubbing on the top of the [carpet] fibers,” Linek says.

2. Book a cleaning every six months to a year. Regular cleanings extend the life of your carpet. “If you wait until it looks soiled,” he says, “the fibers will already be damaged.”

3. Research the service before you hire. “The quality of work will come down to the technicians, the equipment, and the processes they are given,” Linek says.

Photo courtesy EcoClean