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Even if you close your eyes, you can see the artistry.

You can hear it, too.

A ref’s whistle. A flag on the field. The percussion section’s cadence.

The stadium roaring with the opening kickoff.

Friday night lights.

We asked Naperville Central High School student Sam Wichhart to share his Friday night experiences with us, through his lens. He’s a talented photographer and videographer, to be sure, but the senior’s talents are multifaceted: Wichhart is also a Redhawk Rowdie.

Senior Rowdies are selected—a chosen few—plucked by those graduating to take over fandom the following school year. Wichhart got involved a year early due to his talents with a camera. “I was approached [my junior year] by some guys who knew me through my older sister,” he says, “and I got a behind-the-scenes look at the organization of pep rallies.” Wichhart and the three other 2018 head Rowdies—Luke Anstrand, Collin Dokmo, and Jake Stegman—lead the student cheering section at football games, as well as other school sports.