Giving the Gift of Health—Holiday gift ideas for the fitness fanatic on your list

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N2013_12_01_002FITNEIt’s the time of year when finding the perfect holiday gift is paramount. Health and fitness gifts are often popular requests thanks to the self-imposed deadline of January 1—the unofficial day of fitness redemption. Whether the recipient is a diehard fitness enthusiast, a novice exerciser, or a weekend warrior, there is always something special to keep under wraps until gifts are exchanged. Check out the suggestions below created to help with your search for the perfect fitness gift.

Workout clothes

You can’t go wrong with fitness clothes, just make sure you get the size right. Looking back, fitness clothing has come a long way. Today, there are literally hundreds of fitness clothing lines all offering their unique twist on comfort, technology, and convenience. Creative designs now accommodate your iPhone, cash, and keys without the bulk. In the world of fitness fashion, you won’t be limited with choices.

Jump rope 

If you think jump ropes are just for school playgrounds, think again. Jump ropes are now designed for heavy-duty fitness training and can be found in most gyms and fitness centers around the world. If you’ve got someone looking to add interval options to their workout, a jump rope is a perfect solution. A jump rope is an inexpensive and convenient way to add a powerful cardiovascular kick to any workout.

Mini trampoline 

When I attended a fitness conference this summer, I witnessed some fun rebounding classes, which is basically bouncing on a mini trampoline. Making its resurgence back into fitness classes, rebounding is a safe and easy way to get a decent workout. It’s ideal for those seeking an effective low-impact and pain free activity that is good not only for your musculoskeletal system, but cardiovascular system too.

Trigger Point roller 

As a runner, Trigger Point Therapy saved me. I’m susceptible to plantar fasciitis, and using the Trigger point system has kept my body healthy. The way the system works is by utilizing a roller to massage the muscles enabling them to move more freely and efficiently, while improving overall performance. Great for runners, soccer players, basketball players, or any sport that is lower body dominant.

Meditation cushion

A great idea for yogis. A meditation cushions is just one of many yoga props that can greatly improve posture and comfort during meditation. People who use them swear by them. You can learn more by visiting,

2GB W Series Walkman Meb Kaflezighi

This is a super cool gift for the novice exerciser or someone looking to reclaim motivation. This water-resistant MP3 player is only a pair of earbuds, meaning no bulky radio/phone. The player is pre-loaded with audio tips, including running, nutrition, stretching and more. You can also create your favorite playlists in iTunes® or Windows Media Player and drag them to the Walkman® player. At around $60, it’s a great, reasonable gift idea for all fitness levels.

Gift Certificates

It may seem obvious, but spa gift certificates are always winners. Be it a massage or facial, there’s nothing that’s more welcoming than an opportunity to relax after the stress of the season or an athletic event. Check out. which allows you to purchase a gift certificate that can be used at a number of spa establishments.

Stocking stuffer ideas 

Stuff stockings with athletic socks, water bottles with carrier, lip balm, heavy duty hand cream, headbands, hair ties, disposable wash-ups, yoga mat or bag, sports bag, gift cards to a bike shop for a tune-up, sports-specific laundry detergent (so appreciated for the gross smelling technical fabrics). Remember, little things mean a lot.

Giving the gift of health is not only a great gift idea, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.