High-Tech Tweaks

Appears in the December 2023 issue.

The bathroom in the Lemont home

The homeowners valued high-tech solutions that could be subtly incorporated—think futuristic functionality without looking Jetsons-esque. Homeowner Allen Wing brought a number of ideas to the table. “He’s very tech-savvy and is always on TikTok looking for the latest greatest you-name-it,” says designer Christie Kenny. Here are some of their favorite high-tech features:

● The vanity mirror in the primary bathroom is actually a Wi-Fi-enabled smart LED mirror from Artforma with a built-in TV screen and speakers so the homeowners can watch the news, check the weather, send text messages, or make phone calls while getting ready in the morning.

The laundry chute in the Lemont home

● In the foyer, a series of TVs (the Frame TV by Samsung) display art that can be changed with the click of a button.

● The home’s bedrooms are all connected to a vacuum-powered laundry chute system called Laundry Jet. “You can be in a bedroom and drop a piece of clothing in this hole, and it shoots it into this little hidden space in the laundry room,” Kenny says. “It is one of the coolest features I’ve seen in 10 years.”


Photos: Ryan Thomas Lay