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Marion Ruthig, founder and executive director.


When Marion Ruthig saw the power of video in raising awareness and spurring action about Hessed House, a homeless shelter in Aurora, it sparked an idea. As a certified public accountant working in Naperville, where she also lives with her family, Ruthig’s business background, her love of working with people, and especially her experience auditing nonprofits, was ideal for launching a new Website that connects people to charities.

Transforming a Dream Into Reality

Ruthig began transforming her idea into reality in 2012. Last August, she stepped down from her accounting job and stepped into her new role as Website designer, content writer, nonprofit organization promoter, and facilitator. Last fall, she officially launched her Website, www.isupportcommunity.org, showcasing compelling stories and videos of nonprofit organizations, to help people understand each organization’s mission and to find ways to get involved in both local and national charities.

Expanding Opportunities

Ruthig’s Website initially launched featuring information and video for only one charity, but quickly grew. Although they currently have eight groups on their Website from which viewers can choose to support, there are several other organizations in various stages of the application approval process. ISC hopes to have 25 nonprofits listed by the end of 2013.

While ISC currently features several Naperville organizations such as Kids Matter and Naperville Cares, according to Ruthig, there are hundreds of charities in DuPage County whose stories have yet to be told. Ruthig is eager to find those charities who meet her criteria and help introduce them to supporters and volunteers through her free video marketing and social media site.

“It is more than just a Website. It’s a place to connect people through compelling stories and where you can share a story with a family so that they can learn and find out how to be involved, so that it’s truly more of an experience,” explains Ruthig. “There is a huge network of nonprofits. And even though I used to work in that arena, I had no idea how many are out there. It is exciting to let other people connect to that.”

Personal Connections

Although the Website is less than one year old, Ruthig found that working with ISC has already had a positive impact her own family, including her three young children. “I told my husband that I want our kids to see how fortunate they are and to grow up giving back,” said Ruthig. “As it’s growing, I can see that my kids are learning and seeing more of their blessings as they watch the videos and as it’s all sinking in,” said Ruthig.

People who want to sponsor a charity or volunteer, aren’t limited only to those organizations currently listed on the ISC Website. In fact, Ruthig says many visitors who are passionate about a particular charity, frequently add that charity to the ISC site. They find that ISC is a great way to get their message out to a broader audience.

And for those who give either of their time or money, there is plenty to feel good about in return. In addition to contributing to changing lives, individuals and sponsoring companies are recognized on the Website. Each person who contributes to one of the listed nonprofit organizations, is sent a personal thank you video as an expression of gratitude.

“I feel like every story has a sense of hope and I’m excited to get more people to come to the site as it gets bigger so that they can experience that as well,” said Ruthig.

For more information, visit ISC at: www.isupportcommunity.org

Finding a Charity—Current ISC charities featured:

The Russell House helps victims of domestic and sexual violence by providing a safe place and services that repair and rebuild lives.

Naperville CARES helps local families in financial crisis meet their essential needs by providing emergency financial support and resources.

Blessings in a Backpack provides elementary school children in need with a backpack of food to take home on weekends during the school year.

KidsMatter harnesses the power of partnership with parents, educators, and an extensive network of community resources to help kids and families thrive.