Lawn Smarts

Appears in the April 2022 issue.

The key to a lush, green lawn lies in the work homeowners put in during the spring. Barry Conlin Jr., owner of C.B. Conlin Landscapes in Naperville, cites three things to consider now.

Breaking up clay in our hard Midwestern soil allows grass to take root and flourish. While many homeowners opt for aeration in the fall, it can be done in the spring—just be aware that doing so opens up the soil to weeds as well.

Organic fertilizer
While synthetic fertilizer used by most commercial lawn services is cheaper and will likely get the job done, Conlin says organic does a better job of releasing compaction and getting oxygen to the root system of the lawn.

Resist the urge to set automatic sprinklers to pop on constantly. A good soaking every three to five days is more than enough for proper hydration.