Liquid Luxury

Appears in the July 2021 issue.

After 35 years in the luxury real estate business, broker James Gargano of the Alice Chin Team at Compass Naperville has seen a lot of beautiful homes, but thinks his current Ahlstrand Road listing is unique. “The way it’s set on the street is pretty magnificent—the modern-day version of the Kennedy compound,” he says. “It has some architectural nuances that are similar.”

Built by Havlicek in 2001, the 14,000-square-foot home boasts four levels, five bedrooms, six-plus baths, five fireplaces, and a massive (40 feet by 20 feet) indoor pool. The natatorium—a unique getaway within the home that is attached but separate, says Gargano—includes a kitchen, hot tub, and a changing room with a full bathroom. “The amazing part is the architecture—the look and the quality are off the charts,” he says. “It’s a really great area to entertain as a family.”

Although in the past a pool could sometimes be a liability for home sales, Gargano says that there has been a recent shift toward home entertainment options. “Pools are now extremely marketable,” he says, “which has changed in the last year due to COVID—the more entertainment incorporated into the home, the better.”
$2 million | 569 Ahlstrand Rd., Glen Ellyn

Photo courtesy Compass Naperville