Local Leaders

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The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce boasts members from 1,200 companies, yet each year only four are bestowed the distinguished Four Under 40 award. Recognized for their community and business leadership skills, the 2018 award recipients are Kristin Giannini, Raj Patel, AdreAnne Tesene and Omar Sandoval. While all have attained professional success, each has a unique approach to finding work-life balance.

Giannini has stretched herself professionally as the Top Golf sales manager. “Managing people,” she says, “has allowed me to find my inner leader.” Giannini also leads a family, with two children under two, but she carves out “device-free” time each week for herself and her husband to connect.

Family is equally important to longtime resident Patel. “None of my success means anything,” he says, “if I can’t share it with my family.” Patel hits the gym to destress and stay healthy enough to manage The Hari Group.

Two Bostons pet store owner Tesene credits a course called Lifebook with helping her learn to integrate 12 aspects of a healthy life. “Working on each of the categories,” says Tessene, “has given me a sense of control and excitement about where I’m headed.”

And as the IT director for the park district, Sandoval utilizes a professional life coach. He finds that “developing an objective and critical view of your own personal strengths and challenges is essential to growth.”