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Costello Jewelry Company debuts a chic second-floor gift shop

Inside The Apartment

Have you ever met someone who has the most impeccable taste when it comes to everything they surround themselves with, from the handbag on their shoulder to the table settings in their dining room? If that person’s home were a store, it would feel a lot like The Apartment, a new boutique launched by the owners of Costello Jewelry Company.

Located in two former apartment units above the Costello storefront in downtown Naperville (33 W. Jefferson Ave.), this shop is all about high-end gifts intended to impress, such as satin-finished crystal vases from French purveyor Lalique, undulating silver candlesticks from Danish designer Georg Jensen, and silk throw pillows from South African studio Ardmore Design.

Home decor items on display at The Apartment

The layout of the shop was inspired by the space’s former residential life, with Kim Seybert placemats and napkin rings in the dining room, and posh purses in the mirrored walk-in closet. “Our powder room used to be a functioning restroom, but we removed the shower and toilet and now it has all of our bath and body products that you can try in the sink and make sure you love it before you take it home,” says Olivia Patsavas, store manager. You can browse stylish coffee-table books and desk accessories in the library room before stepping into the Player’s Lounge, accessible by a secret door. “It’s basically the man cave—games, cigar accessories, bar accessories, pool cues—it’s a very fun space,” she says.

Home decor items on display at The Apartment

The shop also sells vintage and preowned designer handbags and wallets, so whether you’re in the market for a Louis Vuitton Speedy, Bottega Veneta belt bag, or a Gucci tote, you might find what you’re coveting here. “All of our handbags are on consignment through local people in the area,” Patsavas says. “And we offer competitive pricing, so you can get the best deal back for your bag. These bags are built to last, and a lot of people only use them a couple of times, so they are in amazing condition and have so many years left in them.”

While the Costello family’s jewelry business was founded in 1979, the idea to open The Apartment evolved more recently. “Customers were saying, ‘I come in here for every holiday, every birthday, and [my spouse] already has earrings, they have this watch, they have this necklace,’ ” Patsavas says. “[The Costellos] wanted to expand to offer other giftware to their customers that are also luxury items and heirloom pieces.”

Home decor items on display at The Apartment

With this new concept in mind, the right person was needed to get the project off the ground. They happened to meet Patsavas when she applied for a sales job at their Glen Ellyn jewelry store in fall 2022. A graduate of Naperville North High School, Patsavas studied fashion design at Savannah College of Art and Design and worked in both fashion and graphic design as well as in retail at Rent the Runway, Mira Couture, and Hugo Boss in Chicago. “I had just left a position doing fashion design at an athletic company and I was just looking for any part-time job that could get me through the holidays so I could start fresh and look for my dream job in the spring,” Patsavas says. After the interview, she wasn’t the right fit for the sales job; however, with her design background and deep roots in Naperville, she seemed tailor-made to take on this project as her baby. She joined the team and worked with the Costellos to bring the concept to life over the course of a year, handling everything from designing the shop’s logo and website to researching what items to carry. And every day the shop is open, you’ll find her behind the counter.


Photos: T. Clark Productions