Mirror, Mirror

Appears in the May 2023 issue.

A large wall mirror

Mirrors are the workhorses of home decor. What other piece of artwork allows you to check your hair before you dash out the door, while simultaneously making your room appear bigger and brighter?

Reap the benefits of mirrors by doing the following:

Go boldly. Don’t be afraid to think big when adding a mirror to your decor. Oversize mirrors are trending right now, says Lauren Collander, founder and principal of Lauren Collander Interiors, and versions with subtle metal frames allow for maximum impact. Large mirrors can be hung or even propped up against the wall.

Check the glass. Before securing in place, make sure you like the view that’s being reflected back at you. One favorite trick of designers is to place mirrors opposite windows to reflect even more light.

Pair with art. Pieces of art compete with each other to a certain degree. A mirror is an elegant, but more neutral addition to a space already at its limit. Bonus: Mirrors also tend to be more affordable than paintings or framed pictures.


Photo courtesy of Marina Storm/Picture Perfect House