Now Streaming in Elmhurst

Appears in the August 2022 issue.

The seafood offerings at Kindred in Elmhurst (119 N. York Rd.) are so unapologetically Midwestern—both in their provenance and deliciously clean flavors—you might feel the urge to rush out and slap a “Great Lakes Proud” bumper sticker on the back of the family sedan. Exhibit A: Butterflied local trout topped with frisée and pancetta seared atop the restaurant’s Argentine-style open-fire grill. There’s also a fish dip inspired by northern Michigan and—get this—Lake Superior “sushi” paired with watermelon and pickled pear. “I am a proud Midwesterner,” owner Tom Trenta says. “I love Elmhurst. I’m proud of this place. And I built a restaurant specifically for people who live in this place.” —P.G.

Photos courtesy of Nick Collura Photography