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Smart settings
From lights to music to weather, Lenovo’s hands-free helper is a nightstand personal assistant. Best Buy, $35

Merida moments
With a name that’s Latin for “high place of honor,” the Merida wall clock would work well in formal or casual rooms. Arhaus, $499

Retro revival
Count down the hours with this chiming floor clock, inspired by Hollywood movie lights. Chicago Clock Company, $2,193

OG Cuckoo
Made in Germany, this handcrafted musical clock will become a family treasure. American Black Forest Clocks, $1,649

Ballance pendulum
Near-perpetual motion offers a contemplative break during your workday (or whittle away the last seconds until 5 p.m.). moma.org, $85

Executive time
Keep track of overseas action with the elegant-yet-urbane Dual Time watch by Swiss maker Ulysse Nardin. Geneva Seal, $8,300

Tethered time
With a braided leather chain and aluminum case, Tissot’s Lepine is not your grandfather’s pocket watch. Bella Cosa Jewelers, $260

Wash up
Perfect for classroom, bathroom, or kitchen, this sink tool is the most pandemic-inspired hand-washing timer of all. timetimer.com, $27