Raising the Bar

Appears in the May 2024 issue.

A home bar

For homeowners who loves to mix their own cocktails or savor a bottle of wine, having a home bar can provide a dedicated storage space for supplies. However, this Naperville project is proof that you don’t have to have a full wall to spare to make that happen.

Elizabeth Prignano of Glow Interior Design in Wheaton designed these beautiful bar cabinets on either side of an existing fireplace. “We did some black built-ins that store all of [the homeowners’] liquor and wine and beer, and the cabinet doors actually open up and slide back in on the sides to create more of an open-bar look.”

Instead of solid doors on the upper cabinets, Prignano selected metalmesh insets that provide functional closure while still letting light through. “It allows the owner to display some of their collection, and it’s a material you see used oftentimes in hospitality bar design for wine lockers,” she says. A single drawer and closed cabinetry below provide additional storage for prep tools, bottles, and glassware.


Photo: Glow Interior Design